Thursday, August 14, 2014

High Dive

I'm in love. I've completely gone back to my 2008-tween roots by listening to this fan-recorded live video on repeat, but it's all I've got until the album comes out in October. This song is beautiful and a perfect reminder of how inspiring and colorful Andrew's music is. Thank you for always renewing yourself and making more songs for me to surround myself with.

That, and after carefully OUTLINING and PLANNING before just diving into my YA manuscript blindly, I've been writing 1,500 - 2,000 a day this week. This version is so much more mature and composed (even though every few paragraphs I'm like "this is going to need SO much editing"). Just had to get that out there and brag to no one but myself. #3chaptersdone

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Word-Count Wednesday: BookCon 2014

On the love side of my love-hate relationship with New York City lies the fact that I can attend awesome events involving famous people. Including the first ever BookCon!

Though overcrowded and slightly disorganized (hey, it's the first one they've ever had and it was filled with #tfios tweens dying to see John Green, what can you do) it was absolutely awesome. I missed a lot of the free giveaways (only the people that arrived at the crack of dawn got the stuff), but I did make it in time to see Amy Poehler and Martin Short! 

They were hilarious, obviously. 

Jesse was dying that we got to catch a glimpse of one of his biggest celebrity crushes, TOPENGA. 

And I was dying at Grumpy Cat's hilarious ad in the program: 

Sadly we didn't get to meet Grumpy Cat; the line was ridiculous and apparently somewhere throughout the day she bit one of the fans. She was grumpier than usual. 

I ended the day fangirling SUPER hard at the Dystopian discussion board, because it was led by Veronica Roth! She's just so great and cool. Look at her. The jacket! I could never pull off a jacket like that! #bemyfriend

So exciting and refreshing to be around other bookish people!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Word-Count Wednesday: Emily Giffin!

Emily Giffin, one of my all-time-favorite writers, released her latest book yesterday, The One & Only. I was lucky enough to get to attend her signing event at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square!

Her throne awaits!

I developed my literary girl-crush on Emily after reading her first book, Something Borrowed. Her writing is just so relatable and her characters seem real, I can't resist her books. And I can't wait to get started on this new one! 

Along with discussing her writing process for The One & Only, she also touched on some juicy topics:

First, she confirmed that Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed, is DEFINITELY being turned into a movie! And all the original cast is on board! She said adorable John Krasinski called in excitedly asking to read the script and help with the screenwriting process. Can phone calls from John Krasinski be a part of my daily life please?

She then unveiled that her favorite movie is Notting Hill. I knew I was doing something right with my life. #twins

And in the film adaptation of Something Borrowed, Ethan confesses that he's in love with Rachel at the end (sorry, spoiler alert). But that does not happen in the book and it always bothered me that they put that in the movie. Turns out, it bothered Emily too! She's a firm believer in the co-ed friendship being completely possible and completely awesome, as am I, and Ethan and Rachel were a perfect example of that. Glad we're on the same page here, Emily.

And not to mention, Emmy Rossum (you know, the girl from Phantom of the Opera and Shameless) is a huge fan of Emily's and made an appearance at the signing! Yay for NYC celebrity sightings! Which I don't have very many of. 

She had us hold up our books for an audience Instagram, look for me when she posts it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Word-Count Wednesday: Harry Potter and the 22-year-old Reread

In my constant scouring for things that will inspire me to just freakin' work on the freakin' first-draft manuscripts I'm dying to get done (don't ask where the motivation goes or why it depletes, I have no idea either) I turn, as I have so many times before, to Harry.

I've been meaning to read the British version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Philosopher's Stone, in the good 'ol UK) to see how different it is from the American version. The differences? Simply some s's where z's would be and different terms for things. Nothing major.

What I did notice, however, is that Harry Potter and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone is absolutely hilarious. I'm laughing out loud.

Be a third-person narrator with sarcasm, genius! Refreshing! It gives us a lot of endearing incite into the most loved as well as the most vile characters, making all of them lovable as a whole! Witchcraft, I tell you. So smart. Darn you Jo Rowling.

Why they didn't incorporate more of the subtle genius comedy into the movies, I'll never know. Because just like the books themselves, Daniel Radcliffe is also hilarious! He would have executed the jokes perfectly!

Lesson learned: a story can be epic and serious, without taking itself too seriously. It shouldn't take itself too seriously, actually, because that doesn't usually work. So there.

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Weekend: Jake's Visit

Jake's first time in New York City!


The much-anticipated brisket slider from LIC Food & Flea.


Grand Central!

 Getting the full NYC experience in the Gayborhood. 

"Please stop touching me."

And of course, The 1975.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Writing Endeavors

Finding the time to write for myself has been hard. I've started a big-girl marketing job (8am-4pm Monday through Friday, lunch breaks, grabbing a beer with my boss after work, the whole shebang) and still have my serving job on the weekends. So although things have been a little tight and stressful, I've been thankful for some deadlines under my butt from Highlight Magazine and It's not my future award-winning YA novel just yet, but I'm so proud to be writing for them. Here's some articles and music reviews I've had published recently:

And I'm ecstatic to say I have another creative challenge ahead of me, a narrative surrounding the style and innovation of Camilyn Beth. I'm so thrilled to be involved and can't wait to see how the final project turns out!

Saturday, May 11, 2013


The way I felt as college ended is the same way I felt as high school ended. I watched everyone hug and cry and talk about how much they would miss high school. I tried to force a similar emotional breakdown to those that my peers were having - I loved high school and felt I should be equally distraught about it coming to an end - but I just couldn't bring myself to nostalgic tears just yet. I was excited to graduate. I had outgrown high school, and couldn't wait for everything that was next. I wasn't worried about losing touch with my friends, because I knew I had good ones.

College graduation was similar; I was ready to go. I loved my time at Florida State, and couldn't have asked for a better college experience. But I feel like I've outgrown it. I'm ready for the next chapter. We're all ready to be great; to stumble and be amazing at the same time during this next stage of our lives. To the Garnet and the Gold!

"Who's wearing the tiny hat?!"

Some couple-y shots. 

"Which side does this go on?"

"I'm not doing a dumb laying-down picture."

The much awaited Abbey Road picture. 

And, of course, a video of the photo shoot and our Tallahassee homes. 
(Which you have to watch in HD, or it looks like total garbage).