Friday, May 18, 2012

All Over England

I've been slacking a little on keeping things updated on here, so get ready for a lot of pictures of what we've been doing the last few days!

First trip to Harrod's!

Class field trip to the Natural History Museum

Be jealous, Jesse.

When Kelley and I were running around the city one afternoon, we accidentally came across the London premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman. It was so cool! Kirsten Stewart and Chris Hemsworth were right around the corner! 

Found my Mr. Right on the tube, there she is. 

One thing I've been really excited to see here in London is Kensington Gardens! It's where J.M. Barrie wrote Peter Pan, and all the nature is a nice break from the busy city scenery. 

Kensington Palace! Princess Diana lived here from time to time... or at least we think that's what the sign outside said. It cost 15 pounds to go into the palace, so we just loitered outside. 

The Peter Pan Statue!

 Murray, master of all pigeons. 

Our adventures back in the city continue... and I see this in a bookshop. You can imagine my reaction. 

A delicious snack while running around and shopping on Oxford Street: A warm waffle with melted Nutella and bananas on top. Best thing ever. 

We were craving some burgers, and Byron's turned out to be quite the delicious experience. The boys got some manly fresh-squeezed lemonades with their burgers. 

Marble Arch

Mind it. 

A night or two out at the local Pubs

A day trip to Cambridge and Ely

Another one of our fabulous tour guides.

Some artwork I was tempted to buy. I believe it really captures Mr. Fluffee. 

Also almost bought this plate. 

Looks like a normal Gelato cart... but the artwork is a bit suggestive. 

A quick skype date.

And now on to the super-British stuff. 

The Changing of the Guard!

And finally, a trip to Borough Market for the most delicious Grilled Cheese of all time. 

Phew! Sorry, that was long. 

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