Monday, May 14, 2012

I Am Bear Grylls

As tempting as it was to go to Paris or Dublin for the weekend, we decided to go to Preseli Venture, in West Wales. I'll admit I was pretty concerned about it at first. I'm not known to be a nature girl, and all I knew about the trip was that I would be jumping off of cliffs; I'm scared of heights. But this trip was more than pleasantly surprising, it was one of the greatest and most exciting experiences of my life!

All suited up, ready to go Coasteering!

Heading towards the ocean cliffs!

Sorry Hannah. 

Rough currents. 

Cave exploration.

I am the master of heights!

As if a morning of Coasteering wasn't enough, Kayaking came in the afternoon! I was a little concerned at first. 

But other than learning I have very weak arms, it was great!

Then a hike on Sunday morning! Usually the word "hike" makes me cringe, but this hike was definitely an exception. 

We're back in London now, so there won't exactly be this much nature in the future. But there will be more pictures soon!

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