Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Live Where?

I've lived in London for almost a full week: weird. But my "flatmates" and I have seen and done so much in these past few days! It's impossible to capture it all on here, but I'll do my best!

A very necessary manicure for seeing all of London. 

My soulmate Kelley, and the lovely Matt and Murray. 

And a delicious meal cooked by chef Annie! She makes me feel un-domestic. 

Matt wearing the greatest shirt I have ever seen. Hello, Jerry...

An attempted sock bun before a night out in the city... it didn't work. It wasn't Hannah's fault, my hair was just too large and the bun was massive.


A trip to the British Museum! So educated.

And a trip to the OLYMPIC STADIUM! Wish I cared more about women's water polo, but it was still so amazing being able to go there! 

A night out to the theater on Piccadilly Circus!

It is impossible to capture this night and venue in pictures. All we knew was that we were going to a "circus themed party in the Old Vic Tunnels", when we set out to find it. After 2 miles of walking and going down a graffiti-filled underground tunnel, we found a party filled with hundreds of people in underground abandoned tunnels of London that had been turned into a venue! Music, a bar, and circus performers hanging from the celing. Definitely an experience that I'll never get anywhere else. 

The wonderful Dr. Paul giving a lesson before we head into the Imperial War Museum. She's amazing. 

And of course, how else to get around then by riding on the Tube?! It's super fast, and it's impossible to not "mind the gap". The intercom shouts at you to "mind it" every minute. 

Tower Bridge tomorrow, stay tuned! :)

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