Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Writing Endeavors

Finding the time to write for myself has been hard. I've started a big-girl marketing job (8am-4pm Monday through Friday, lunch breaks, grabbing a beer with my boss after work, the whole shebang) and still have my serving job on the weekends. So although things have been a little tight and stressful, I've been thankful for some deadlines under my butt from Highlight Magazine and It's not my future award-winning YA novel just yet, but I'm so proud to be writing for them. Here's some articles and music reviews I've had published recently:

And I'm ecstatic to say I have another creative challenge ahead of me, a narrative surrounding the style and innovation of Camilyn Beth. I'm so thrilled to be involved and can't wait to see how the final project turns out!

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