Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Word-Count Wednesday: Emily Giffin!

Emily Giffin, one of my all-time-favorite writers, released her latest book yesterday, The One & Only. I was lucky enough to get to attend her signing event at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square!

Her throne awaits!

I developed my literary girl-crush on Emily after reading her first book, Something Borrowed. Her writing is just so relatable and her characters seem real, I can't resist her books. And I can't wait to get started on this new one! 

Along with discussing her writing process for The One & Only, she also touched on some juicy topics:

First, she confirmed that Something Blue, the sequel to Something Borrowed, is DEFINITELY being turned into a movie! And all the original cast is on board! She said adorable John Krasinski called in excitedly asking to read the script and help with the screenwriting process. Can phone calls from John Krasinski be a part of my daily life please?

She then unveiled that her favorite movie is Notting Hill. I knew I was doing something right with my life. #twins

And in the film adaptation of Something Borrowed, Ethan confesses that he's in love with Rachel at the end (sorry, spoiler alert). But that does not happen in the book and it always bothered me that they put that in the movie. Turns out, it bothered Emily too! She's a firm believer in the co-ed friendship being completely possible and completely awesome, as am I, and Ethan and Rachel were a perfect example of that. Glad we're on the same page here, Emily.

And not to mention, Emmy Rossum (you know, the girl from Phantom of the Opera and Shameless) is a huge fan of Emily's and made an appearance at the signing! Yay for NYC celebrity sightings! Which I don't have very many of. 

She had us hold up our books for an audience Instagram, look for me when she posts it!

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  1. Looked so fun, I'm not familiar with Emily's work. I do love to read though, often teen books. {I know I'm a loser!} ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire