Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Word-Count Wednesday: BookCon 2014

On the love side of my love-hate relationship with New York City lies the fact that I can attend awesome events involving famous people. Including the first ever BookCon!

Though overcrowded and slightly disorganized (hey, it's the first one they've ever had and it was filled with #tfios tweens dying to see John Green, what can you do) it was absolutely awesome. I missed a lot of the free giveaways (only the people that arrived at the crack of dawn got the stuff), but I did make it in time to see Amy Poehler and Martin Short! 

They were hilarious, obviously. 

Jesse was dying that we got to catch a glimpse of one of his biggest celebrity crushes, TOPENGA. 

And I was dying at Grumpy Cat's hilarious ad in the program: 

Sadly we didn't get to meet Grumpy Cat; the line was ridiculous and apparently somewhere throughout the day she bit one of the fans. She was grumpier than usual. 

I ended the day fangirling SUPER hard at the Dystopian discussion board, because it was led by Veronica Roth! She's just so great and cool. Look at her. The jacket! I could never pull off a jacket like that! #bemyfriend

So exciting and refreshing to be around other bookish people!

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